Ropelab Building a session

Everyone approaches rope in a different way, some like more playful rope, some enjoy exploring shame and others prefer tormenting rope. Whatever your approach, you can involve D/s dynamics, intimacy or even a light-hearted (dynamic). Knowing your intention will give you the power to communicate with your rope, but also before you even start to tie. How can we communicate that with our partners without talking? This workshop will give you the tools, and the know-how, to build your session from the ground up. You will learn how to evoke certain emotions by applying basic techniques in a variety of ways, these techniques will include

  • Movement and positioning of the rigger
  • Body handling of the model
  • Tension and distance
  • Pace and timing
  • Eye contact
  • Setting the scene (clothing choice, music,
  • environment etc.)
  • And much more…